The Commercial Finance Association reported continued growth in new credit commitments and line utilization through Q3 2010 in its most recent quarterly report. Trends indicate this growth is being fueled by asset based finance lenders who continue to provide billions of working capital throughout the U.S. As lending activity increases, CCC can provide the additional staffing you need without the additional overhead.

“Outsourcing” has become a popular buzzword in the banking industry. Banks are finding that outsourcing is a smart alternative to many functions that traditionally have been performed in house.

Outsourcing field exam services allows the bank manager to determine the depth of each field exam without regard to scheduling or personnel issues. Valuable time is never lost to internal meetings, training time, examiner turnover, sick days, employee counseling and review, or vacation time. CCC is not an employee; we are a reliable sub contractor acting at the direction of the Bank Manager.

Internal audit staffs are generally 20% more expensive than outsourced services. Much of the cost of audit staff is related to the inherent inefficiency of the employer/employee relationship relative to the nature of the work to be performed. The costs of occupancy, general overhead, hardware, additional support staff, travel and corporate overhead make up a large percentage of the total costs. CCC trains its staff at no cost to its clients.