Chesapeake Collateral Consulting (CCC) has been providing specialized asset based lending services for commercial banks and finance companies since 2005.

With over 105 years of combined experience in banking and reporting for asset based lenders, CCC recognizes that successful lending requires timely and accurate information on the general financial condition of the borrower as well as an accurate assessment of collateral values. Through the field exam process, CCC works with you and your borrower to provide accurate and concise information you need to assess the risks faced as a lender and mitigate exposure.

CCC works unobtrusively with your borrowers to compile detailed data and provide a clear and concise collateral analysis and informed commentary with each report. Our examiners are practiced in the use of various automated workpapers and reporting formats; collecting the information you require and presenting it in a format of your own design or one tailored to meet your specific needs. Our personnel are bank trained field examiners with extensive general banking, asset based lending and field exam experience. We currently provide field examination and loan origination services to 15 commercial banks and finance companies encompassing more than 300 borrowers. We know your business and have the highest quality standards.

Our Services Include

  1. Experienced field examination services to commercial banks and finance companies.
  2. Trained and dedicated professionals to perform the work in accordance with the Bank’s examination programs and Bank lending requirements.
  3. Collateral monitoring structure recommendations based on exam results to assist the bank in mitigating potential exposure.
  4. Commitment of our resources and staff to ensure a successful and mutually profitable professional relationship.
  5. Proactive and consistent communication with the Bank’s managers and officers to discuss results, improvements and special requirements.
  6. Independence relative to the work performed and recommendations provided to the Bank.
  7. High degree of confidentiality with respect to the Bank’s information and its Borrowers.
  8. Personnel available to the Bank in an urgent situation.
  9. Highest quality work performance and professional standards throughout each engagement.
  10. Continuous and reliable service as the Bank’s subcontractor and as a valued client of our firm.

We Specialize in the Following Industries

  • Government Contracting
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Industries
  • Distributors
  • Health Care Providers
  • Insurance Premium Finance